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Welcome to your upper 1

Fill in the blankW: Excuse me, is it OK if I sit here?
M: Sure, go ahead.
W: Thanks.... Sorry, but you're English,
aren't you?
M: Yes.How did you know?
W: Oh, I heard your . ... It isn't very
busy here today, is it?
M: No, it isn't.
W: Are you on holiday?
M: No, I'm working here for a few months.
W: Oh, really? So am I.What do you do?
M: I work for the American Central Bank.
W: Oh. And do you like it here?
M: No. I can't stand it - especially the
weather. It was so hot yesterday, wasn't
W: Oh yeah, you're right: the   is terrible.
But, you know, I love New York.
M: How long have you been here?
W: Oh, not long - a few weeks. How about
M: The same. What are you doing here?
W: I'm an , and I was asked to bring
over some of my work to a small gallery
just near here. I've just had my first
M: Wow - that's impressive.
W: Thanks. So where are you from?
M: I'm from London - Notting Hill.
W: Really? So am I! Don't tell me you went
to Atkins School?
M: Yes,I did, actually - but I wasn't a very
good student.
W: Me neither. What year did you leave?
M: 1989.
W: That's weird - me too. Do you
remember Mrs Rivers?
M: The Maths teacher? Yeah. She was really
horrible, wasn't she?
W: She's my mum.
M: Oh Look, I'm sorry.... I didn' t mean
to ....
fill in the blank

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